Your own team in the Philippines

We have over 1,800 employees working full-time and exclusively for more than 100 clients from 15 countries.

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How it works

You will find the talent that suits your business needs.

We have 35,000 candidates to choose from. You'll find a wide array of Filipino talent across several job disciplines.

We will connect you with the candidates.

Our Business Development team will set up a meeting with a candidate so that you can meet him/her personally.

We will hire the candidates on your behalf.

You will select the people you want from the candidate list and we will make the job offer on your behalf.

We will set up your staff in the Philippines.

We will set up the workstation and everything that your staff needs before we go live.
  • Reduce manpower costs by up to 70%
  • Gain access to a large, highly skilled labor pool
  • Leverage our experience to optimize your operations
  • Regain your focus, gain agility and flexibility
  • Grow your business in a smart way
What they are saying

"Our growth and success would never have been possible without their dedication, hard work, and close partnership."

- Mark Teijgeler